What are the solutions when the car positioning terminal is offline?

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Update time : 2023-05-08 14:52:38
When the car positioning terminal is in an offline state on the car positioning system platform, relevant professional technical personnel are required to conduct three types of inspections to identify the specific reasons and solve the offline problem.
What are the solutions when the car positioning terminal is offline?
The first type requires on-site hardware troubleshooting, such as whether the GSM antenna is normal, whether the vehicle's parking position is normal (the vehicle is in the basement or in an environment without communication signals, which can be checked with the same operator's mobile phone), whether the power supply is normal (sometimes there may be power cord detachment), and at this time, the car positioning terminal will display a flashing red light.
The second type of situation is that if the first type of situation occurs and cannot be resolved after maintenance, the manufacturer needs to retrieve the status of the traffic card. At the end of the month, the traffic card of the vehicle positioning terminal will shut down, and of course, physical damage to the traffic card cannot be ruled out.
The third type of situation is that if the problem cannot be solved after maintenance in the first and second situations, all equipment (including the original antenna) needs to be removed and sent to the original factory for hardware and software maintenance, which usually takes about seven working days.
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