Why are more and more enterprises starting to install and manage vehicles now

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Update time : 2023-04-28 14:50:54
There are more and more vehicles on the road, one of which is dangerous goods transportation vehicles. Once a road accident occurs, it will cause immeasurable losses and may damage people's property and life safety at any time.
In general, it is recommended to install a vehicle positioning system, strengthen the management of dangerous goods transportation routes, operate vehicles according to the prescribed routes, and prohibit parking and driving in restricted areas on urban main roads to ensure smooth roads during holidays. Conduct a major inspection of dangerous freight vehicles, with the vehicle positioning system as one of the main inspection contents. If GPS usage is found to be non-standard or useless during the inspection, penalties will be imposed based on the safety risk of the vehicle. Local traffic management departments have introduced effective supervision, inspection and management mechanisms in the management of dangerous goods transportation vehicles, supporting familiarity with the characteristics of hazardous chemicals, experience in managing hazardous chemicals, and emergency capabilities. They have strong economic strength, good hardware facilities, and establish professional transportation teams.
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